Blue World Films is a production company established in Washington DC, with team members located in Washington DC, and California. Our goal is clear: To capture your spirit, your outlook, your aspirations and convert them to a visual image of your message.” Blue World Films is a thorough film, photography, and video company incorporating the drive, expertise, and experience to achieve the results that reflect you, the client.


Our team of experienced professionals extends to all realms of film production, from screenplay writing to the high-end technicalities of pre- and post-production. With a combined 30 years in the film industry, we keep ahead of all updates in the imaging field and we will take your project to the most current professional level. We shoot all formats and can easily work within your budget. We will deliver an enhanced product that reflects the breadth of your enterprise.


Blue World Films will be there to oversee all stages of production and deliver your project onto Blue Ray or any format you require, including documentaries, training videos, professional photography, virtual tours, editorial photography, commercials for print or television, music videos, or a narrative for your Web site or annual report.  Blue World Films tailors your vision and propels it to audiences around the globe.